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Indulge in Flavorful Chicken Biryani in Port Coquitlam | BestMeats

Chicken Biryani: A Tasteful Journey

Chicken biryani is an Indian classic. A unique culinary experience is created by its aromatic spices, tasty rice, and succulent chicken.

What distinguishes chicken biryani?

Infused with saffron, cardamom, and cloves, chicken biryani is famous. The flavors of each component are delicately layered to delight the taste buds.

The Best Meats Way to Make Chicken Biryani

Best Meats prides itself on the traditional chicken biryani. For flavor, we marinate tender chicken pieces in spices and yogurt. This is followed by slow cooking the marinated chicken with basmati rice, caramelized onions, and fresh herbs. A delicious dish will leave you wanting more.

Ideal Companion: Paratha Bread

The warm, flaky paratha bread completes any Indian dinner. Complete any meal with paratha bread, made with whole wheat flour and griddle-cooked until golden brown.

Dissecting Paratha Bread

Variety and comfort make paratha bread popular. Paratha bread enhances any meal, whether simple or filled with potatoes or paneer.

Best Meats Paratha Bread

Best Meats celebrates their original paratha bread making. All batches are created from scratch using the best ingredients and traditional methods to ensure a pleasant meal. You'll love our paratha bread with chicken biryani or on its own.

Relishing Seasoned Fries 

Seasoned fries are great for a fulfilling snack. Fried potato fries seasoned with a combination of spices are delicious. Seasoned Fries Intrigue

Crunchy skin, fluffy inside, and powerful seasoning make seasoned fries popular. Seasoned fries delight your taste buds as a side dish or alone.

Tasteful Seasoned Fries from Best Meats

Our seasoned fries are made using the best potatoes and spices at Best Meats. Fries are crispy, tasty, and addicting because each batch is precisely seasoned and baked. Our seasoned fries satisfy even the pickiest eaters, whether you eat them with chicken biryani or as a snack. 

Best Meats serves chicken biryani, paratha bread, seasoned fries, and more. Your dining experience will be unique due to our quality and authenticity.


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