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Explore the Freshest Fish Selections in Port Coquitlam | BestMeats

For fresh, delicious Port Coquitlam fish, visit Best Meats. We sell marinated, non-marinated, cooked, and fresh fish in one place. We'll satisfy your seafood desires with our quality and flavor. Read on to discover Best Meats' delicious fish.

From Sea to Table: Fresh Fish

At Best Meats, we prefer fresh seafood. We buy our seafood from reliable sources who offer the freshest, highest-quality catch. Our fresh fish assortment includes flaky white fish and delicious salmon. Our fresh fish is great for grilling, baking, or frying wonderful seafood dinners at home.

Marinated Fish: Flavorful

Want to flavor fish meals more? Our marinated fish is outstanding. We carefully marinate our fish fillets in zesty citrus and savory herb and garlic marinades. We recommend grilling, broiling, or baking our marinated fish since each bite is full of flavor.

Plain Non-Marinated Fish 

Non-marinated fish is best for individuals who like its natural flavor. Our soft, juicy, and flavorful non-marinated fish fillets come from the freshest catches. No matter how you cook it, our non-marinated fish is delicious and healthful.

Cooked Fish: Eat Now

Time-pressed but desiring seafood dinner? Our prepared fish dishes are ideal. Our fish fillets and cakes are carefully prepared and ready to eat right out of the oven or microwave. For an easy, tasty supper, heat and serve.

Quality You Can Trust

At Best Meats, we strive to offer the best fish products. We work closely with our suppliers to obtain seafood sustainably and responsibly and follow strict quality requirements during preparation. Best Meats guarantees the freshest, tastiest fish.

Easy Ordering

Ordering fish from Best Meats is simple. Visit our Port Coquitlam shop or website to view our fish products. Please let our skilled staff help you choose the right cuts. With delivery or pickup, acquiring our wonderful seafood has never been easier.

Improve Your Cooking Using Best Meats

Ready to elevate your seafood dinners? Just visit Best Meats. We offer top fresh, marinated, non-marinated, and cooked fish for every taste and occasion. Order Best Meats fish today to taste its unmatched flavor and quality.


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